is proud of the role we play in advancing treatment and prevention options for a variety of conditions through clinical research. Our website and network provide volunteers a centralized, safe, and simple way to locate studies in their area.  Research sites submit their research studies as a way to access our global network of participants and connect individuals to clinical trials. We aim to provide the best volunteers with the best clinical trial opportunities through continued conversations and education.

Importance of Clinical Research

For new treatments to be made available to the public, they must first be studied to determine safety, effectiveness, dosage, and side effects.  The pharmaceutical or medical device company leading the development of a new treatment or therapy will then select sites around the world to conduct a research study to determine the efficacy and safety characteristics of the product. This is where MyLocalStudy steps in! The Research site(s), where a team of medical professionals and researchers conduct the study, can contact MyLocalStudy about their study opportunity and the types of study volunteers needed. Volunteers in clinical trials who meet the criteria and participate can benefit in many ways as a result of their participation in these important clinical studies.

Participation Benefits

As a clinical research study participant, you help to advance new medical treatment options for those who need new/better alternatives to current treatments. You may also learn about your own health, new ways to manage your health, as well as gain access to new treatments not available to the general public. Most studies also offer compensation for participating to help cover time and effort for participation.

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