Summer, Volunteering, and COVID19

COVID-19 has put a damper on many things. Businesses have had to let people go because they cannot sustain revenues, and we are on the choppy ride of the second wave of the virus infection. Most schools are out for the summer, and many are left wondering when it will end, and what they can do to help. Change is on the horizon, and now is the time to join the fight to end COVID-19.

Volunteer in a Clinical Trial

Do you have extra time this summer? Maybe you are a student on break, or perhaps you are one of the many who are out of work? Participating in clinical research studies is a great way to give back and help advance medicine, and many studies offer reimbursement for time and travel spent participating.

You can also gain access to potential new options and receive regular expert care from board-certified doctors and medical staff. There’s no health insurance required. For those participating in trials for specific medical conditions, you are taking control of your health by learning more about your condition.

Increase in Number of Trials

Countries, states, cities, and leaders around the world have joined the fight to end COVID-19. Clinical research helps us learn more about this pandemic. In turn, we discover new ways to detect, treat, prevent, and cure this virus. There has never been a more important time to participate because none of these advancements are possible without volunteers.

Clinical trial organizations are answering the call by providing no contact visits, and the safest possible environment for participants and staff. Volunteering in clinical trials is not for everyone. It is a big decision but can be so personally rewarding. If you are ready to join the fight to end COVID-19, learn more about upcoming studies here.