Why Do We Need Clinical Trials?

An ad for an osteoarthritis clinical research study comes across your newsfeed one day while browsing Facebook. Your OA has been tough to manage, and you notice that no insurance is required to participate in the study and that you may even be compensated for study-related time and travel. You’re not really sure what’s involved, …

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Clinical Trials Q&A

Clinical trials, clinical research, research studies, clinical research studies…pretty soon it all starts to run together and may get pretty confusing. If you’re thinking about participating in a clinical trial, that last thing you want to be is confused. You should feel comfortable and at ease, and have the ability to ask any questions that …

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Placebo: All in your head?

placebo effect in clinical trials

While it may be hard to believe, many people claim to be cured or experience marked improvement when receiving a treatment that is actually an inactive substance! It seems that the effect of hoping, wishing, believing that a treatment will help, causes people to report that they are better. Treatments that don’t really provide any …

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Things to know before enrolling

clinical research studies study trial database search find

Clinical trial results drive medical advancements and can make an incredible difference in the care of future patients. Through testing, scientists and medical doctors assess the benefits and risks of possible new treatment options. The information collected in studies provides the foundation for further development of medical procedures, devices, and drugs that will help our …

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