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Clinical/Medical research studies are an important step in finding new breakthrough medications and treatments for medical conditions that affect us all.

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Compensation is often provided for participation


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Clinical Research Blog

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” Each day that passes us, there’s new information released about COVID-19 and

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COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

COVID-19 remains on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and with each state varying it’s reopening stances and policies, many wonder about vaccines and treatment options.

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Connecting Qualified  Applicants with Clinical Research Studies in their Area

Applicants, find clinical research in your area

Researchers, list your study and reach qualified applicants is managed by a team of experienced research professionals who recognize the need to connect the community with research study opportunities where medical advancements are developed and better treatments are provided. There are many great benefits to those who participate in medical studies and doctors need participants to further their medical goals.

MyLocalStudy aims to connect interested research participants to local studies in the community. Through conversation and education on social media, we have connected thousands of people to research sites across the country!

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