Clinical trials explained in 4 videos

Medical studies, or clinical trials, can be confusing and the idea of volunteering for a study may seem a bit scary. In this blog, we will try to make volunteering less confusing and show you that studies are not as scary as you might have thought. Clinical trials are made possible by volunteers just like you that want to learn more about their health and potential medical treatments, and contribute to the advancement of medical research for the benefit of us all.

What are clinical trials and its process

Clinical trials aim to understand and explore new medical strategies, procedures, and devices to better the lives of the community. Through research, clinical trials test the effectiveness and safety of these new medical approaches.

Clinical trials drive innovation

All surgical procedures and medication used today are the results of research, a.k.a. clinical trials. Each clinical trial is controlled and follows a very strict protocol to ensure the safety of its volunteers.

Clinical trial volunteers are making a difference

Make a difference! By volunteering to participate in a clinical trial, you are helping millions of people understand and battle their medical condition similar to yours. You are also giving them something very special, HOPE! Hope to fight, hope for another day and hope for a cure.

Clinical trials are available at NO cost to you!

As a volunteer, you receive study-related care and medication at no cost to you. The trial’s sponsor normally picks up the bill for that! Additionally, you might be eligible to receive compensation for your time and travel expenses.

Clinical trials help you have a better understanding of your condition and allows you to play a more active role in your healthcare. Participating gives you the opportunity to access possible new treatment options that are not widely available to the public. Be a hero, apply for a research study today!