Maximizing Patient Recruitment: Introducing Marketing Packages for Every Budget

In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research, one of the most significant challenges research sites face is patient recruitment. Without an adequate pool of participants, even the most groundbreaking studies can falter. Recognizing this critical need, MyLocalStudy is proud to introduce our new recruitment packages designed to streamline and optimize patient recruitment efforts for clinical trials.

Unlocking Access to a Vast Volunteer Network

At MyLocalStudy, we understand the importance of connecting sites with the right participants. With access to our extensive database of almost a million interested study volunteers, study sites can tap into a diverse pool of potential participants eager to contribute to scientific advancement.

Introducing Enhanced Marketing Packages

Our new recruitment packages are meticulously crafted to optimize patient recruitment, ensuring that your studies reach the right audience at the right time. Learn more about our new marketing packages tailored to meet various recruitment needs.

Basic Study Listing – $99.95

Ideal for sites who already have patient recruitment covered, our basic study listing is a good supplement that offers some additional exposure through:

  • A dedicated study landing page.
  • 30-day listing on, allowing volunteers to search and apply for studies within their zip code.
  • Automatic email notifications sent to individuals within selected zip code(s).
  • Email notifications for all interested volunteers.

Plus+ Package – $1,850

For sites seeking additional support, our Plus+ Package includes:

  • All benefits of the Basic Study Listing.
  • A no-cost subject matching report detailing participants with specific conditions in your study area(s).
  • Mass text message and email blast to identified participants.
  • Recruitment portal access for lead tracking, texting, and medical history recording if desired.

Premium Package – $3,500

Elevate your recruitment strategy with our Premium Package, featuring:

  • All benefits of the Plus+ Package.
  • 2 boosted social media posts on MyLocalStudy’s social pages and relevant community groups.
  • Guaranteed twice as many leads as the Plus+ package.

All Access Package – $5,500

For unparalleled recruitment success, our All-Access Package offers:

  • All benefits of the Premium Package.
  • 4 boosted social media posts on MyLocalStudy’s social pages and relevant community groups.
  • Guaranteed four times more leads than other packages.
  • Call center pre-screening for incoming leads, sending pre-qualified leads to site staff for scheduling.

Optimizing Recruitment Efforts for Success

In an era where digital presence is key, our recruitment efforts are designed to maximize visibility and engagement. By leveraging targeted advertising, social media outreach, and our vast volunteer network, study sites can efficiently reach and recruit the participants they need to propel their studies forward. Facilitating meaningful connections between sites and volunteers helps drive progress in clinical research. With MyLocalStudy, sites have the tools and resources necessary to optimize patient recruitment and accelerate scientific discovery.

For more information on our recruitment packages and how MyLocalStudy can support your recruitment needs, contact us today. Let’s embark on a journey of health progress together!