Why Do We Need Clinical Trials?

An ad for an osteoarthritis clinical research study comes across your newsfeed one day while browsing Facebook. Your OA has been tough to manage, and you notice that no insurance is required to participate in the study and that you may even be compensated for study-related time and travel. You’re not really sure what’s involved, but the potential for pain relief and the possible benefits of participating have you wanting to learn more. Let’s look at the big picture – why clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies designed to explore the effects of a potential new treatment or medicine and to help determine if it is safe and effective for use in humans. They help us find new ways to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. Clinical trials show us what works and ultimately what doesn’t work when it comes to testing new treatments. Without clinical trials, new medications simply would not exist!

Choosing to participate in a clinical trial is a personal choice. For the OA sufferer, the clinical trial may allow them to have access to potential new treatment options before they are widely available. They might have the opportunity to learn more about their condition and options for treatment, and have access to board-certified physicians and other medical staff.

For healthy volunteers, helping to advance medical research and contribute to the well-being of society are usual reasons for participation. When others benefit from your participation, it can be very empowering.

Clinical trials are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding breakthrough medications and treatments for conditions that affect each and every one of us. If you’re ready to get involved, CLICK HERE and enter your zip code to see what studies are enrolling near you.