September Is Pain Awareness Month: Living with Pain Is No Joke

Arthritis, migraine headaches, celiac disease…all of these conditions have one thing in common – PAIN! Living with pain is no joke. It can be debilitating and affect everyday life. The month of September has been declared Pain Awareness Month in an effort to raise public awareness about pain and pain management.

The American Chronic Pain Association first established Pain Awareness Month back in 2001. Every year since, different campaigns have taken place to help further spread awareness for those living with pain. Over the years, things like workshops to help address topics like pain in the workplace, pain in families, women/men in pain, and even kids in pain have all come to fruition.

The key to raising awareness is to get involved. There are many things you can do. You can talk with friends and family about Pain Awareness Month. You can promote it on social media channels and “like and share” encouraging posts. Another way to get involved that may not initially come to mind is through research studies!

Research studies allow you to have the opportunity to learn more about your illness or condition and options for treatment. They allow you to have access to potential new medications or procedures before they are widely available. Insurance is not a requirement to participate and you may even be compensation for study-related time and travel! Your participation in a research study is always at-will and future generations may benefit from your choice to help further medical research.

A number of studies for painful conditions are enrolling now. CLICK HERE to browse studies enrolling near you and see if you may qualify!