Getting Your Site Noticed: Metrics are Key!

As a clinical research site, you play a huge role in the advancement of medicine. Without you, every lifesaving, life-improving medication and device available would not be possible. So much goes into every part of every day, but this blog is going to focus on just one internal aspect, the metrics.

When done properly, metrics can make all the difference at your site. They can help gain business as well as retain it, all while giving you real-time data on how your site or study is doing. Read on to find out how.

What to Track

Before you can even think of tracking anything, you need to make sure you have reporting capabilities. This is typically done through your Clinical Trial Management System or CTMS, but it can also be done via Excel, Google Sheets, or whatever your site uses for managing your studies.

Using your dedicated system to then track patients through lead generation, recruitment, and the clinical trial process is the next vital step in establishing and maintaining data integrity. At the very minimum, your metrics should be able to show current trial status, the effectiveness of the marketing, and results once enrollment ends, and all patients are seen. Here are a few examples of what kind of data you should be gathering:

  • Number of total leads or referrals – Tracking overall lead count by trial, and which sources they came from.
  • Number of leads screened – Patients that completed screening.
  • Number of screen-fails – Patients that completed their screening but failed and the reason why.
  • Number of randomized patients – How many patients were able to randomize whether they went on to complete the trial or not.
  • Number of completed patients – Patients that completed the study.

Metrics in Business Development, Lead Generation, and Retention

When a sponsor is choosing a site to conduct their trial, these basic metrics are crucial in the decision-making process. Study metrics will act as a report card if you will. Having a complete set of live metrics gives you access to the information that will help your site stand out and acquire the studies that fit best.

Understanding your metrics also helps to identify trends regarding which marketing methods work better than others. This allows you to better allocate where your advertising budget goes, all while getting in the most possible leads. With ready access to all decision-making data and understanding the results of every study, you will establish yourself as a solid, trusted clinical trial site. All of these things will increase your ability to retain business and receive more trial variety options offered in the future.

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