Why Are There So Many Awareness Days?!

The answer is simple. Human connection is one of the most significant tools we have to things like health conditions, environmental impacts, social injustice, and more. Awareness events provide an outlet for those connections so we can rally together and show support for the things we are passionate about. There are so many awareness events because there are so many different issues that are important us.

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Purpose of Awareness Campaigns


An awareness campaign’s goal is to improve public awareness about something. This is accomplished by pumping education out into the world through events such as social media campaigns, walks, health fairs, rallies, and meetings. Many times, fundraising events are held in addition to the events to raise the money needed to continue spreading awareness, or for research initiatives.

March Into Awareness

If you are looking for opportunities to give back each month, you can start by signing up for the calendar at awarenessdays.com. They have a content toolkit, and event categories you can browse through.

Volunteering is an essential part of every campaign. Many of them need year-round support, even if the program has a specific focus month. Besides, your role as a volunteer has a direct impact on the outreach efforts, and your mental health will get a boost from the good you are doing others.

March is filled with some exciting health initiatives that are near and dear to the clinical research community. Some examples are:

 Raising Awareness for Research

As mentioned earlier, campaigns such as those surrounding health conditions often hold fundraising events to raise money for research. Clinical research helps us learn more about different medical conditions and allows the discovery of better ways to diagnose and manage them.


Clinical research studies assist in determining if these new potential options are safe and effective. The volunteers that participate in clinical research studies make this possible. To view and learn more about the current enrolling studies in your area, visit Mylocalstudy.com.