COVID-19 is the bane of everyone’s existence now. Researchers and health officials are working around the clock to find effective ways to prevent, treat, and cure the virus. Several treatments are close to releasing, even some being approved in extenuating circumstances. However, a vaccine still appears to be months away. The truth is the lack of something tangible triggers something in people. They begin to grasp at any sign of hope, even if it hasn’t been safely verified. Myths surround everything these days, but when it comes to COVID, it’s a gamble you shouldn’t be taking.

COVID-19 Prevention Myths

Myth: Nasal wash, garlic, and certain supplements help prevent COVID-19.

Facts: No evidence suggests using a nasal wash or eating garlic protects you from getting the virus. Although vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, green tea, or echinacea may affect your immune system, there is nothing to show they prevent you from getting sick. Colloidal silver has been marketed as a COVID-19 treatment, but it isn’t considered safe or effective for treating any disease.

COVID-19 Treatment Myths

Myths: Taking antibiotics, using a UV light to disinfect hands, and applying alcohol, chlorine, and disinfectants to the skin helps kill the virus.

Facts: Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. Someone who has COVID may be given antibiotics to treat a secondary infection. UV light can be used to disinfect surfaces, but using it on your skin can irritate it and cause other health issues. Just because a product successfully kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces (like alcohol, chlorine, and disinfectants), does NOT mean it is safe to ingest or be applied to the skin. Many are toxic if ingested, or may cause skin damage, and have warning labels against this. Also, once the virus has entered your body, applying something to the skin won’t help.

COVID-19 Cause Myths

Myth5G technology causes COVID-19 and other serious illnesses.

Facts: If we had an eye roll meter, this myth would register off the charts. COVID-19 is a virus. A virus is a parasite that cannot thrive and multiply outside of a host body, whether human or animal. These hosts are how they travel and spread. Viruses cannot travel through mobile networks or radio waves, so this is simply not true. COVID-19 has still shown prevalence in countries without 5G infrastructure.

Stick to the Facts

At no point in time has a pandemic been remedied by myths and old wives tales, so why would these hold water now? FDA-approved treatments and vaccines are the safest, most reliable ways to fight COVID-19. They have been tested in a clinical environment across diverse ages and populations to ensure they are SAFE and effective. Follow the facts to safety folks!

If you want to help end COVID-19, consider participating in a clinical research study. Your efforts would go towards identifying potentially life-saving treatments and vaccines. To learn more about participating or to find a COVID-19 study in your area, visit us here.