Taking Local Research Studies Across the World

Research studies help make advancements in the detection, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions possible. Currently, 349,708 research studies are covering all 50 states and 216 countries. While the global effort shows prevalence in available study options, none of these advancements are possible without volunteers participating. Imagine as a committed research volunteer being able to see available studies in your area and apply directly from ONE website. Imagine as a research site being able to put your study in front of an audience already interested in being a part of research. Think it’s too good to be true? Here’s where MyLocalStudy comes in. We are taking local research studies across the world.

Benefits of Participating in Research Studies

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In addition to contributing a direct role in the advancement of medicine, participating in research studies comes with many benefits. While every person’s reasons may differ, those with a specific condition learn more about their condition while improving how it’s managed. You may also receive the latest options that may be better than current ones. Most studies also offer reimbursement for time and travel for those enrolled and the regular, expert care of study physicians and staff.

As a registered volunteer in the MyLocalStudy community, locating enrolling study options in your area is a breeze. Research sites across the world put their studies on our website with key information about the study, qualification criteria and application forms linked directly to the site. No longer is there a need to visits multiple different websites to apply for studies. MLS is a one-stop solution!

MLS Connects Sites and Volunteers

Enrolling enough patients to meet the diversity and quantity each study needs continues to be a struggle for most research sites. In addition, removing barriers that prevent volunteers from seeing study information and from applying, is a must. MyLocalStudy is the bridge between these issues that brings volunteers and clinical research sites together.

As a volunteer, search for studies close to you and apply directly from within the MyLocalStudy website. As a member of our database, you also receive a notification when new options are listed that interest you! Our MLS website has over 25,000 viewers on average per month. As a research site that lists with us, you instantly gain access to that traffic at an unbelievably affordable price.

List your study

Getting started is so easy and you may kick yourself for not doing it sooner! To view the studies currently enrolling in your area, visit us here. Research sites can learn more about listing your studies with MLS, and if ready, even submit a request directly online here.