Reasons to Participate in a Clinical Trial in 2023

One of the most rewarding parts of participating in a clinical trial is that you are helping to advance medicine. But did you know that there are other major benefits to becoming a participant? Here are our top 8 reasons to participate in a clinical trial in 2023.


1. Compensation May Be Available

Many clinical trials offer monetary compensation to volunteers in return for time and travel during their participation. Pay is often provided following every completed study visit.

2. No Insurance Required

Many people suffer due to lack of medical insurance to help cover the costs of diagnosis and treatment of their condition. In a clinical trial, insurance is NOT required to participate. In fact, in most clinical trials study volunteers are compensated for their time and participation while in the study.

3. Possible Access to Various Tests, Lab Work and Exams

Diagnostic tests are performed during preliminary study screening, and some may receive a full physical. This can be a great way to check up on one’s own health. These tests may bring attention to unknown health conditions that could require further testing or treatment, such as high blood pressure or type II diabetes.

4. Access to Board-Certified Doctors

It can be difficult to gain access to doctors due to their high demand. Many people cannot afford to wait months to receive a diagnosis or treatment. During a clinical trial, the study volunteer will meet with a board-certified physician and receive one on one medical care. Volunteers also interact with highly trained and skilled research staff.

doctor talking with a patient

5. Access to New Medication and Procedures

Trial participants oftentimes struggle to afford expensive medications even if they have insurance. In clinical trials, volunteers may have access to new and innovative medicines, treatments, and procedures before they are widely available. Study medications are provided to research volunteers at no cost.

6. Opportunity to Gain Knowledge

Throughout the trial, volunteers will learn about their condition, its symptoms, and options to treat it. In some instances, participants may receive a diagnosis by having diagnostic testing and/or an evaluation done by a physician. This can provide relief to someone who has been struggling with the difficulties of an unknown illness.

7. Improved Quality of Life

By participating in a clinical trial, you can play an active role in educating yourself about your health. This can result in an improvement of your quality of life since taking responsibility for your health is so empowering!

8. Contributing

When study volunteers participate in research — society benefits. Future generations, potentially even the volunteers’ children or grandchildren, may benefit from the volunteers’ choice to further medical research. Additional knowledge is gained about the way the human body functions and processes medications as well as how our bodies could heal more efficiently.

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