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Let’s Talk Poo!

In honor of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, awareness month we are starting a rather interesting conversation about, well poo. It’s not the most comfortable conversation, and it could be kind of embarrassing, but there is no shame in our game! There are real people out there that are suffering, and they deserve to be

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Enough is Enough! Fighting Mental Health Stigmas

For far too long, mental illness and mental health has been associated with bad stigmas and stereotypes, but enough is enough! It’s time to put a stop to all the hate and insensitivity. A stigma causes people to be ashamed of something that is out of their control and keeps them from seeking the help

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5 FUN Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Everyone knows that to keep your body healthy you have to eat right and exercise, right? Well the same thing applies to your brain health too! To keep your brain running at peak speeds you need to exercise it. In fact, research has shown that by practicing mentally challenging tasks, you can significantly reduce cognitive

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Effects of Winter: Managing Your Skin

By: Marina Martinez Dry skin and holiday cheer don’t mix. With winter upon us, you may find your skin changing with the season.  A combination of harsh, dry, windy, and cold air can irritate your skin and leave you feeling uncomfortable. Read more on types of skin conditions and ways that you can help manage

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Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Amongst the hustling and bustling, traveling, family dinners, and parties; the holiday season is the time of year everyone looks forward to. It’s the time of year that gives us a chance to be with loved ones and surround ourselves with good company, good food, and good drinks. If you have Diabetes, you know how

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